Fellow author, Michael Amos ("Homeland" and "The Rocktastic Corduroy Peach") interviewed Dave a few years ago. The interview can be found here. PAST SINS is Dave's next supernatural novel. It will be published once his health improves.

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Welcome to the website of Dave Cook.

Dave turned to writing fiction after a long career in IT journalism. Over the years he has written user guides, features, and reviews for some of the UK's leading computer magazines including Personal Computer World, Practical PC, PC Advisor, PC Network Advisor and others. Most of his articles have appeared in the printed press, though some work is also available online.

Dave's first supernatural thriller, A GIFT TO DIE FOR, is now out of print. All publishing rights have returned to Dave and the book will be republished at some stage in the future.

PLENTY LONG ENOUGH was Dave's first successful short story, winning the 2003 Darklines award in the USA around the time his first novel, A GIFT TO DIE FOR, was published.

ISBN 1-59286-539-9

Dave has been married to Denise for 44 years. They share three lovely daughters, a remarkable son-in-law, and four very talented grandchildren. Okay, we're presuming the youngest grandchild is going to be talented as he's only one year old.

Dave and Denise's youngest daughter, Victoria, is an actor/comedian. Victoria plays crazy weather girl, Davina Wave, in CBBC's BAFTA-nominated comedy series, DNN. You can see Victoria (as Davina Wave) answering her DNN fanmail here, while the latest news on Victoria can be found on her blog (when she remembers to update it, that is).

Victoria was presenting her Saturday morning show on BBC Radio Newcastle just a little over a year ago. After taking time-off to have a baby, she is now a regular on CBBC's All Over The Place. Look out for All Over The Place: Asia which will be screened in the coming months.